Our Vermont Christmas Tree Farm

Our Vermont Christmas Tree farm is situated on 110 acres on our 287 acre farm located in the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. Our farm runs free with nature and wildlife and has been untouched by the residential and commercial landscapes of this era. Where the air is pure and the sky is clean, our Vermont Christmas trees are the purest trees available.

Why Is Salomaa Christmas Tree Company The Best? 

Salomaa Tree Farm believes that the Christmas tradition revolves around the fresh cut Christmas tree with people gathered around it in their home every December

Understanding this, Salomaa takes great care in producing the freshest, most robust balsam and fraser fir Christmas trees it can to supply the retailers that buy "wholesale" or the person that buys "Mail Order". These Christmas trees are grown in the mountains of northern Vermont at an elevation of 2000 feet. The average rain and snowfall is high and with very cool average temperatures a Christmas tree is produced that has the greenest color and best possible needle retention.

How does Salomaa Tree Plantation keep its trees fresh for Christmas?

  • By not cutting too early
  • By placing all trees cut daily in a “UNIQUE” holding area in an upright position. Butts on the ground still soaking up moisture. (Tree does not know it was cut)
  • Trees are out of the sun and wind.
  • Trees receive adequate water

Christmas Trees only drink water thru the cambium layer and that is why a fresh cut before going into the house is recommended.. After a tree is unwrapped and the loose needles shook out no needles should fall nor be able to be pulled easily from that tree. If they do there is a problem with freshness.

Pictures Below Show Our Unique Holding Area

Ask any of our customers what they like best about a Salomaa Christmas tree and they will say because they hold their needles and color past the new year without a problem.

Sare Grant

Salomaa Tree Plantation was awarded a Farmer’s SARE grant to apply compost to some of the rows of trees on the farm. There is no question that compost has been very beneficial to other crops but no trials have been done on Christmas Tree Plantations in the Northeast. What it could mean to you the retailer (and to the farm) is being able to supply more robust looking trees with even better needle retention. This trial will be in place this spring 2012 and be monitored thru late 2014. Soil sampling will include Cornell Soil Health testing.

When selecting the farm you wish to buy trees from keep this project in mind. You are welcome to visit the farm to see all our trees ready for this year and have a tour of our composting trial area at the same time. Call us!

Christmas tree growers of the Northeast will benefit from the proposed “compost by coring injection method“ because it will show how, with relative ease, compost can be added to soils that are surmised to be unhealthy. Success of the composting producing healthy soils will include:

  1. The need to apply less chemical fertilizer annually
  2. More robust, darker green trees
  3. The possibility of not fertilizing every year
  4. And could advance the rotation cycle by a year

This is a win win win project! Good for you, good for us, and good for the environment!

Funding provided by the Northeast, USDA , SARE. ( Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education)